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Welcome to Bandi Technology

Bandi Technology is a manufacturing, marketing and Trading channel representing various overseas for best India companies related to Scientific, Laboratory (UG & PG) and process/on-line instrument. Our running product last 25 years. Frequently used in R&D and learning point of view. We are the only company to offer entire range of Analytical chromatography, spectroscopy, Bio Technology, Bio Medical, Chemical diagnostics, Material Science & General laboratory instrument.
OvenMuffle Furnace
Heating Bath Conductivity Meter IncubatorFreezer
Open Bath Dissolved Oxygen Meter BalanceCentrifuge
Dry Bath Ion Meter Karl Fisher Titrator
Water Chiller Turbidity Meter Melting Point Analyzer
Water Bath Shaking Thermo Orion Spectrophotometer Probe Sonicator
Viscometer Bath Anemometer Rotary Evaporator
Ultrasonic Baths Hygrometer Sieve Shaker
Gas Analyzer Ball Mill Grinder
Light Meter Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Sound Meter Refractrometer

We have highly trained engineer to support our activity during and after installation.

List of Products are:

  • Water Bath/Chiller
    Supplied with PID Controller with variable ranges of temperature ranges -10 to 100°C/ -20 to 100°C/-30 to 100°C, with low space look like a UPS with extra facility.  more...
    Benchtop pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity/Turbidity Meter
    Supplied with Research Grade model with large, color graphic, LCD Screen, with backlight, capacitive touch keypad. 5 Point Calibration, Large log memory (100,000) records. more...
    Sonicator-Dual Ranges Frequency
    Supplied with Degasing function, normal & soft power, Heating Range: 0 to 80°C, Timer: 1-99 minutes Memory Function, User Friendly and clear panel.  more...
    Karl Fisher Titrator
    Supplied with Microcontroller Based Titrator for moisture Analysis of Solid Liquid & Gaseous samples. Completely sealed titration system from reservoir to titration vessel using teflon tubing dosing with kinetically controlled selectable volumes. more...
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